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5 days Before

Time to get to know those incredible products in your box! The first is your personalized Meology! These are the powerful vitamins in the cute little packet with YOUR name on it that was created just for you based on the assessment you took! You definitely want to take these babies with food because they are mighty! You're going to love them! The next is your protein. You got to choose plant or soy and pick your favorite flavors. You can enjoy your shake at whatever time of the day you choose! In the morning for breakfast, in the afternoon for a quick lunch, or on a busy night as your nutritious dinner... doesn't matter! I tend to enjoy mine for breakfast as a wonderful way to start my day. I love that they have the powerful amino acid, leucine, to help preserve my muscles while I drop body fat! Last thing in your reset kit is your 7-day cleanse box. This comes with 14 total packets that you will take over your first 7 days on the reset - one in the morning and one at night. These packets have a powerful probiotic, Optiflora, incredible alfalfa to help bind and flush toxins, the Liver DTX supplement to help support healthy liver function as it cleanses your body, and Herb Lax, a gentle plant-based laxative to support the body's natural bowel process. You are going to love these! Can't wait to get started.

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