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Day 11

Coffee has gotten a bad rap lately. Yes, you do want to make sure you a drinking a high quality, organic coffee (did you know conventional coffee beans are the highest sprayed crop in the world and that it is also prone to mold?!), but it can also be metabolically supportive.

Adding a dash of cinnamon can help your body burn fat faster.

Adding a scoop of Collagen-9 will provide your body with protein and all 9 essential amino acids while helping support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.

Some type of healthy sweetener keeps your blood sugar stable, so a splash maple syrup, honey or raw cane sugar are all great options.

Drinking it after consuming breakfast will help keep the blood-glucose response by up to 50%.

Adding healthy fats can help get your brain firing. Egg yolks, coconut oil or organic butter or ghee are all great choices.

So no need to ditch your morning love altogether. Try making these tweaks! Would love to see how you feel! If you area already following these habits, tell us your favorite healthy coffee tips!



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