• heidisullivan725

Day 30

Well, friends, the four weeks is over. What should we do now? Haha!! Well, here's a few suggestions. First, celebrate your wins! Second, decide which habits you will keep! An easy-to-digest shake in the morning for breakfast, powered by the amino acid leucine to preserve muscle mass, is a fantastic idea. Continuing with your Meology supplements is also genius! Do you plan to reintegrate foods you had eliminated this past month? If so, our suggestion is to do it slowly, and one food at a time to not overwhelm your system, and so if you do have a less than pleasant reaction, you will be able to isolate the food that caused it and be empowered by that information. For example, we don't recommend eating pizza the day after your reset. Did gluten or dairy upset your stomach? We'll never know! Add in slowly, and one at a time, and you'll learn some important things about your body!

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