• heidisullivan725

Day 5

"Trust the process" What an annoying cliche that really is so true. Your body was made to be healed, whole, and healthy, and the foods and nutrients God made are the medicine you need to feel your very best. The frustrating piece, though, is time. However, I challenge you to consider this: If you knew you would absolutely get what it was you came for, but knew it would take 1 full year, would you do it? I believe you would. I believe the reason many of us fall of the bandwagon of our dreams is that the finish line is too far away to see, so we don't actually believe it is there. Friends, it is. It is 100% there. It has been there for me, and I know it is there for you. Surround yourself with words, images, and people that believe in the things you can't see. It will change your world.

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