• mikeanderikaulrich

What to do when your child has a soul fever

We've all spotted it before in our kids. Something is off. They're snappy, listless, uninterested in their usual passions and friends, reclusive or just somehow different than their normal self. They have a soul fever, and just like with a physical fever, spotting it early and treating it can shorten its duration by several days or longer. Once you've spotted it, what are you as the mama to do? Again, the same thing you would with a regular fever. Slow things down and bring them close. A brief break from the hustle and bustle of life, school, sports, routines and some cuddle time or getting out into nature makes all the difference in the world - and gives breath and pause to process what brought the fever on in the first place. I distinctly remember times in my adolescence where my mom gave me a break from school to just refresh at home - no guilt in it, no prodding, she just knew I needed a moment to catch my breath. What a precious gift she gave me to teach me that my emotional wellbeing was my first priority. Our littles - from newborns to teenagers all need that gift from us. When in doubt, pause and cuddle. **** The concept of soul fevers and what to do was taken from my recent reading of Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross. A wonderful read and addition to any parenting tool belt!

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