• mikeanderikaulrich

You get to choose how this day will be remembered.

Today I woke up with all kinds of plans for cute family adventures swirling in my head. Our boys love a good hike so after I made breakfast we decided to go exploring. We made the mistake of not bringing water or snacks with us (we thought it would be a quick little adventure) and ended up with more miserable groaning than you could possibly imagine. We ate lunch and came home to put the kids down since they were clearly so exhausted from the strenuous hike we took them on. Cue further tantrums and also my not-quite-two-year-old figuring out how to climb out of his crib for the first time. We decided to just go for broke at this point so we chose to check our kids' two least favorite things off our to-do list: cutting nails and cutting hair. The screams were so loud I genuinely feared our neighbors would call CPS. I had a photo shoot at the beach tonight and figured it would be fun if my hubby and the boys came along. It was fun, until the wet, sandy walk back to the car. Hahaha! What can you do? The best of intentions somehow translated into pure torturous whining. Now that my precious angels are snug in their beds I get to decide how this day will be filed in my memory. Will it be a day of failure? Or frustration? Will I decide I am not a good mother and that my children are whiny ungrateful little stinkers? Or will I decide to remember how studly my husband looked as he carried both boys uphill and back to our car after our hike? Will I remember our glances and laughter throughout the day as we threw our hands in the air? Will I remember my boys hugging me and how handsome they looked with their new haircuts? Winston Churchill said "History is written by the victors." I am the victor in my own life. I get to choose how history will be written. So do you. Write happy.

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