• mikeanderikaulrich

You still got it, mama.

You still got it, mama. I know you're tired, but your eyes still have a sparkle to them. Your hips may be the mode of transportation for toddlers now, but your curves are still beautiful as ever. Your hair may not always be styled, but look at the way it shines in the sun. Beauty like your's can't be hidden, mama. It doesn't matter if you're wearing yoga pants or a slinky little black dress and heels - you. are. STUNNING. You were made that way, perfectly crafted by the Creator of the universe and the truest lover of your soul. Whether your husband or your kids tell you every day, whether you are married or single, whether you've lost all your baby weight or not - you're sexy, mama. Yeah, I said it. You're a hottie. God loves beautiful things. Look at flowers and sunsets and butterflies! He's an incredible designer. He designed you. You should be proud. Don't feel it? Put on your favorite outfit, do your hair and put a little lipstick on and take a minute to admire yourself in the mirror. Yep, you still got it, mama.

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